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Who we serve

MECCO appreciates the opportunity to serve the businesses of the Baltimore/Washington DC Metro areas. We strive to create HVAC solutions and are confident we can tailor a strategy that's the right fit for your needs today and into the future.

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Commercial Building Owners

Our teams are skilled at working with commercial property owners and their property management teams. Our goal is to make recommendations in the interest of our customers and their tenants who occupy the space.

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Property Management 

Our sales team has relationships with a multitude of property managment companies in the Baltimore/ Washington DC Metro area. It is important for us to consider ownership and the property teams that serve their tenants throughout the entire portfolio.


Our staff is able to work in unique spaces which require our teams to maintain clean, safe, comfortable patient environments.


New construction is everywhere in Nashvi


We understand  the importance of keeping our government partners up and running with climate controlled spaces for sensitive enviornments.

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Our team knows the limitations and challenges with Design/Build projects and they work to deliver the best overall experience in Design/Build and strive for the perfect balance of comfort and cost efficiency.

Plan & Spec

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